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Mass Effect 2 and Global Agenda on the same day! WHY?!

January 31, 2010 3 comments

Although I would very much like to make an angry post about the Vibora bay debacle, there’s little information about it at this time. To summarize: it seems that Cryptic wishes to make subscribers pay for just one additional zone, while all other games with a subscription model consider this kind of content to be included in the subscription fee. I shall save my rant for later if it is necessary. For now, there’s enough entertainment on the official Champions Online forums.

Customization in GA is limited to the head to ensure that every class has an easily recognizable silhouette.

For some stupid reason most games in Europe are put in stores on Friday while they are available in the USA from Tuesday. This meant I got my Mass Effect 2 package (XBoX Collector’s Edition) just a few hours before Global Agenda’s Headstart began. Two great games and I had to choose…

Mass Effect 2 is simply great. The strong storytelling is back, the controls are smoother than in ME1 and there is actual use for the sniper rifle. Personally, I could never use it effectively in ME1 compared to other weapons, but perhaps that was just me. I got dragged in the story from the start and normally I would not have stopped playing.

However, I also wished to listen to the last Blue Plz! on Warcraft Radio before that station closes down. Luckily most talk shows continue in one form or another. ME2 contains too much dialog to combine with listening to radio, but radio and MMO’s fit together perfectly. Actually, limited story-driven content of MMO’s makes them work perfectly with radio and sometimes even television.

I greatly enjoyed the PvP in GA even with my medicre shooting skills (ME2 on Veteran is good challenge for me), but ME2’s story is going to take the majority of my time for now. Still, I expect to clock some serious GA hours this week as well, because there are plenty of live radio shows I wish to listen to!

Update: Several former CO PvPers have banded together in GA under the AntiVirus banner!