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DC Universe Online: 1 to 30 PvE impression

Getting to max level (30) in DC Universe Online is rather fast, a bit too fast for my taste. Let’s take a look at the PvE part of the journey.

Character creation & tutorial

DCUO has a far more limited character creator than Champions Online, but there are plenty of costume pieces to make a unique hero or villain. Important to note is that every character you create will have the same origin, one of the limitations of playing in an already established universe. You do get an immediate link to that universe by choosing a mentor, a famous character, like Superman, that will guide yours on his or her journey.

The amount of powersets is limited, but there are three types to choose from: superpowers, weapons and movement powers. Super powers like fire, ice, mental etc. determine your group role of tank/healer/dps, weapons (from bare hands to giant hammers to bows) determine your fighting style and movement powers (flight, superspeed, acrobatics) determine how you travel, but they also include several combat abilities. Contrary to Champions Online, your movement power is almost always active if you wish.

The tutorial is adequate and fast enough to get through for alts. It is the same for heroes and villains. It does a good job of introducing the plot of DCUO, powers, travel and combat.

Nice try, Lex


After the tutorial you end up in either Gotham or Metropolis depending on your mentor. It is possible to travel to the other city by going through the Watchtower for heroes and the Hall of Doom for villains. The amount of quests to get to 30 seems a bit tight, so it is worth it to switch over about every five levels to ensure that quests do not get too low level to yield decent XP.

Quest lines have a set format. There is a main quest in the open world with some sidequests that you pick up next to the main questing area. The main quest line then leads to a scripted solo dungeon. The main quests are fully voiced and every dungeon ends with a voiced over comic that tells about the world. It feels a lot like the Cataclysm world of World of Warcraft, where quest areas combine ‘kill some’ and  ‘do some other activity like gathering stuff’, then go to the next area. The solo dungeons show up again at level 30 (scaled to 30) from Watchtower quests. The final challenge is to take down your mentor’s nemesis (so Lex Luthor for Superman, Joker for Batman, Circe for Wonder Woman).

There are named heroes/villains roaming parts of the world with massive amounts of health and serious damage, keep an eye out for them while questing.


There are several instances while leveling for groups of four people. Simple queue for them and a random team will be formed. There’s not much communication (partly because the chat system is horrible), but the instances do a good job of telling you where to go and what to do. There does seem to be a distinct lack of healers and I only had one other tank my group once. Still, most of the content seems doable with only dps provided there’s some selfhealing and a good sense of when to block. Instances are overfilled with trash, but they do yield good XP and worth doing at least once for entertainment.

In the Blüdhaven instance, the toxic monster Chemo is your target.


DCUO still has a decent amount of bugs. Especially Oolong island (instance) seemed filled with them. I had to do that one at least eight times to get to the final boss.


DCUO is still a bit rough, but the core is solid (I remember saying that about Champions Online too). The amount of content,while short, and the entertainment value of that content is definitely worth the first (free) month.

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