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Starcraft II Single player: Zerg Research Tree

After discussing the Protoss research tree last week, it shall be no surprise that the Zerg tree is the topic of this post. In my experience, making a choice in the Protoss tree was easier than in the Zerg tree, because the Zerg tree seems to be offering more specialized benefits.

5 points: Shrike Turret [BEST] vs Fortified Bunker

Adding life to a bunker with Fortified Bunker is nice, but adding damage regardless of load is better in many circumstances, especially since Shrike Turrets can also shoot air. You can break the food cap with Shrike Turret Bunkers.

10 points: Planetary Fortress [BEST] vs Perdition Turret

Even if Planetary Fortress was not great, Perdition Turret would still be redundant. As Terran player you already have access to Firebats (in bunkers) and Hellions to burn down melee weak melee units. The Planetary Fortress is the single most fortified structure you can build and a great stationary tank even against Kerrigan herself with repairs.

15 points: Predator versus Hercules [BEST?]

To be honest, I like neither choice. With a factory I prefer to be making Siege Tanks and if I get a Fusion Core up I might as well be making Battlecruisers. The Hercules does add in a level of mobility for large forces, but so will a group of Medivacs and those will heal organic units. The Predator does fair damage, but with greater risk to itself compared to the Siege Tank. Neither unit is necessary at all.

20 points: Cellular reactor [BEST] via Regenerative Bio-steel

Easy choice, the extra energy on specialist units (especially on Science Vessels) is much more beneficial than slow regeneration. Only take Bio-steel if you never ever make a specialist unit at all (which is silly).

25 points:  Psi Disruptor [BEST] vs Hive Mind Emulator [Specific use]

The key signature of Zerg is that they attack with many expendable units. That makes the Psi Disruptor seem more attractive on first sight. There is only one unit I would really like to take over and that is the Brood Lord. Even Ultralisks can be easily dealt with as Terran and a mind controlled Ultralisk would last only seconds against all the other Zerg it is attacking with. Slowing down a whole horde in a fairly large area on the other hand is much more useful in most of the missions.

However, if you face air in the final mission, having Brood Lords on your side makes dealing with all ground forces much easier.

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