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Starcraft II: When to join multiplayer

As the launch of Starcraft 2 is only one day away, people will have to make the choice whether to start with single or multiplayer. Many competitive players are probably going to skip the whole single player campaign, while there are also plenty of people with no interest at in multiplayer. If you want to play both, there’s the dilemma of what is the best time to start multiplayer. During the first few days the leagues are still being formed, because everyone is playing his/her placement games. This means that the chance to get an unbalanced game is larger than it will be in a few weeks (or even months) when the leagues are settled. So ending up in either Platinum or Bronze league is simply not going to matter, nor is there any real prestige in getting #1 Diamond during the first evening unless you can keep that spot in the coming months.

People who have not played the beta at all should start with single player and with the special challenges that Blizzard has included to help people get into multiplayer. Anyone who has played the Beta can start whenever they want, but I am personally planning to spend the first evening on single player to avoid the hardcore players.

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