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Starcraft II: Surviving patch 16

Starcraft II Beta is finally back online. It is definetely still a Beta and there’s plenty of polishing to be done as well as some serious engine work to keep both the game and battle.net stable. I do hope they are not using skilled programmers to set up achievements, because, really, I do not care to get an achievement for watching a replay for the first time…

All profiles have been reset, of course, and I think there are still five matches to play to get ranked. However, I started with “2 games to be played” and then went on to “-2 games to be played”. I wonder what a negative game is. Between getting disconnect myself, my opponent getting disconnected and being really rusty I ended up in Bronze this time. Oh well, a long climb back up is more interesting anyway.

There was a small patch as well with only general and Zerg changes. Basically, the Ultralisk is now the Juggernaut, it cannot be stunned, mindcontrolled or slowed. This made the Infestor’s Frenzy spell worthless, so that was removed. It did get the Infested Terran back, which is a pity, since it was borderline useful while it was on the Overseer.

The major, general change is that rallied units will move instead of attack-move. This means that units go directly to where you want them to be, but it also implies that they can be killed along the way without fighting back. I think I prefer it the new way: attacking should be a conscious decision by the player.

The advice to survive patch 16: play enough to get rid of the rust in your play, but not that much that you will burn out before retail.

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