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Starcraft II: Surviving Patch 13

Patch 13 harshly reminded everyone that Starcraft II is still beta. Previously, the game seemed to be running as if live with some unit rebalancing in the works. The stability of Battlenet is very much down now. I did not get my placement matches done and not for lack of trying, I simply keep getting dropped. While there can always be unexpected problems because of patches, I am surprised that patch 13 was deployed right before the Pentecost weekend. I would expect that many people, like myself, were planning on playing during the holiday. The show matches from Asia vs Europe were suffering as well. Nevertheless, most games could be finished and they were both entertaining and awesome to watch.

There were not many changes in this patch, the most interesting ones probably for the Zerg. A bit of foreshadowing: Ultralisks are still useless.


Marine&Marauder(&Medivac) has been a strong and dominant combination through the whole beta. While mech play with tanks and Vikings is getting more popular, it remains strong. Now it has become even better the reduced cost for Combat Shields and Stim Packs.


The Sentry and the Void Ray are the two units most hated by people fighting Protoss. I like both, because they are specialized units that require good control to work well (Sentry more than Ray). Both could tuned down a little bit. The Sentry’s Force Fields can now be destroyed by Massive units walking over them. This means that Collossi, Thors and Ultralisks can make a path.

Void Ray range was reduced from 7 to 6. It was possible on several maps to attack under the right angle and be as good as untouchable. This is no longer the case and completely fair in my opinion.


The Zerg caster units reshuffled their abilities and even gains some new ones.

The Infestor lost the Infested Terran (seldom used, energy was necessary for Fungal Growth and Neural Parasite), but gained the Frenzy spell: for 25 energy a single biological unit gains a damage buff of 25% and becomes immune to all sorts of crowd control for 30 seconds. This is probably meant to be used for Ultralisks, but it also works on useful units.

The Overseer gained the Infested Terran. Creating units is much more useful for flying units than for the slow-moving Infestor. The Overseer also learned the Contaminate spell which was previously cast by the Corruptor. It prevents unit production/research for 30 seconds on an enemy building. This sounds like a great ability to use while scouting the enemy base.

The Ultralisk actually lost 150 health (from 600 to 450) and gained damage versus armored units at the cost of damage versus non-armored: 25 to 15 (+25 Armored).  This makes it actually more difficult to get to the armored units, since most of those are ranged, while melee is not armored. So it takes the Ultralisk longer to plow through the opponent’s melee to get to the tanks. Meanwhile, it still gets stuck on your own Zerglings. It did gain a true buff: damage versus buildings went up from 60 to 75. The Brood Lord is still doing everything the Ultralisk is supposed to do cheaper and more effectively.


Terran as a whole got buffed. Bio, but also Mech, since Marines are normal supporting units for Mech.

Protoss got a slight nerf, but nothing that will impact play style.

Zerg got a bit more interesting with the buffed caster units. The Ultralisk remains worthless as long as it has to compete with the Brood Lord.

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