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Starcraft II: Surviving patch 12

Another week of not playing too much, but watching a lot of Shoutcraft and Day9 commentaries. Focusing purely on Protoss has improved my win/loss ratio, but I think I shall go back to Random once the game goes live, if I have enough time to become decent with all three races.

Patch 12 came pretty fast after patch 11. It is a small patch, but it has serious impact on the Zerg.


The Thor had to lose some weight. It was simply too big to move around effectively. A pity, visually, but understandable.


The Forge takes longer to build and has less hitpoints. This was done to prevent Cannon rushes. Protoss players can build Pylons and then Photon Cannons in their opponent’s base. Once a few cannons are up, the base is pretty much doomed. This does not work against Terran, because marines can shoot the probe that’s building the Cannons/Pylons and because Terrans can simply lift off their main buildings and move to another location. Protoss and Zerg have a harder time catching the mobile Probe with their basic melee units.

Actually, it still works as I had just had it executed against me in a PvP game. I had never encountered it while playing Protoss myself, so I had no idea how many probes are necessary to kill the spawning cannons (it’s about 4) and I tried to kill his base with a few Zealots instead of containing the rush. Cannon rushing is probably going to stay a problem against lower skill players, but people will learn to deal with it.

There was apparently a problem with Motherships and Force Fields, so Vortex now removes all Force Fields in its range.


And now for the big one:  Roaches have gone from one to two supply. This makes massing them much slower, because extra Overlords have to be built. While the Roach is powerful, it already received some serious nerfs. The reasoningwas that it was simply too powerful at 200 supply. However, how many times does a game reach 200 supply? I would not be surprised if they got a small buff next patch.


The Roach nerf may or may not be too much, but it is definitely going to make games involving Zerg more interesting, especially ZvZ, which always seemed to degrade into more Roaches between competent players. However, Terran is still going to mass Marauders since that unit remains strong, while the Immortal remains a solid choice for Protoss. I do expect that Protoss players will move towards more Warp gate units or that they do get the Robotics Bay but immediately skip to Colossus against Zerg.

Ultralisks are still pretty much worthless, of course.

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