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Starcraft II: Surviving patch 9

Aside from the addition of the map editor, not much happened in patch 9 of Starcraft II Beta, but at this point in time, there should be only small balancing changes. Patch 10 is out as well, but it just contains a few bug fixes.


The previous patch had toned down the Marauder by removing their standard slow ability and turning it to a research topic at the Barracks’ Tech lab. It took 100 minerals, 100 gas and 80 seconds, which made it pretty expensive. This patch reduced it to 50/50/60. Marauders were not suddenly weak without their slow and this cost makes it a no-brainer in many situations.


Many people have been complaining about the unholy trio of Roaches, Marauders and Immortals, these three units are dominating factors on the field by their sheer strength. During the previous patch both Roaches and Marauders were weakened, but the Protoss Immortal was left alone. Early Protoss pushes with Immortals backed up by a mix of Zealots, Stalkers and Sentries became difficult to stop for the other races. Also, the Immortal’s protection against big hits while doing additional damage to mechanical units make it a very hard counter against Siege Tanks and Thors. By increasing the build time from 40 to 55 seconds the Zerg and Terran players have more time to prepare for the Immortal’s arrival.


While the Infestor was not a really weak caster, it was situational and difficult to keep alive to actually apply its powers. Infested Terrans spawned by the Infestor got a damage increase, but their movement speed was reduced. The range of Neural Parasite (Infestor’s mind control) was increased and most importantly: Fungal Growth no longer has a travel time. Fungal Growth should now be much more effective against Terran bio-balls (Marines & Marauders).

The Queen was already slow off Creep, but she’s really slow now. Perhaps the idea is that every Hatchery should build its own Queen?

The Spine Crawler is attacking a bit slower. It was pretty powerful, but it did not seem to powerful to me.


By nerfing the Immortal and increasing the utility of the Infestor there should be more room for a varied force. However, investing in Marauders/Immortals/Roaches is still very much worth it. I do not expect great strategy tweaks from this patch. At least people will still not be building Ultralisks.

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