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Rushing to the top, experimenting back down

I hit the number 1 spot in my Starcraft II Beta league last week. Not really a great achievement since it’s just Copper level. Most of my wins were quick rushes with Terran. Ironically enough, getting rushed was what I was most afraid of when I started playing online. The high risk, high reward kind of play paid itself off, since winning yielded more points than losing. However, beta is for testing and I found my style getting style quite quickly. Ranking does not really matter now, it’s even going to get reset soon by Blizzard. So it was time for some experimentation. My failed rushes had often resulted in lost games. On the other hand, even when I am not really rushing my defenses against opponent’s rushing are pretty adequate. The key here is, of course, scouting.

Zerg played differently, but I found that rushing with them was easy as well. On the other hand, I was really impressed how quickly easy Zerg could change units: build the right building, pump out extra Larvae with the Queen and a whole new squad is ready. However, some units are simply too good not to build, like roaches and mutalisks. It took some time to get used to the idea that fast expanding (building new bases) is not only much quicker and safer than with other races, but also necessary to get enough Larvae from which to build units. I lost horribly to Terran until I started building banelings, while mutalisks seem a bit too effective against Protoss. Some of my fast Zerg vs Zerg wins were with six zerglings and a Spine Crawler (this is the drone I scouted with) built on the opponent’s creep. Cheesy and probably completely unviable in higher level play, but it was rather fun.

Now I am playing Protoss and I get more long games. Units are expensive and take long to build, which makes Protoss probably the least versatile race, but their endgame, if you can get to that point, is very powerful (at least in Copper). I’m thinking about just going for Random and see what happens. I have had some really effective Protoss rushes against me, but I have yet to try them out.

Carrier fleet with Mothership rarely happens, but if you can pull it off, it's pretty much game over

Lessons learned

While I did go down in points and got a pretty amount of lost games added to my (soon to be wiped) record, I was able to stay within the top 8. Here are some things I picked up:

  • Harassing is important. Even if you can not defeat your opponent, it’s really important to keep the pressure up. Any resources spent on fortificating an existing base are not spent on expanding or on attacking.
  • Unspent resources are bad. I lost some games with 1000+ minerals in the bank simply because I was too busy managing troops. I keep my main buildings hotkeyed these days so I can keep building and researching even in battle.
  • Always prepare for a raid on your workers unless you’re going for an all out rush.
  • The internet is already full of information. For example: Team Liquid and the Shoutcraft videos.
  • Many unit counters are hard. For example, a Protoss colossus will murder a squad of marines, while Zerg corruptors will quickly despatch Carriers.
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