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Starcraft II zerged my post

My plan was to dedicate this post to why I dislike beta’s and test realms. However, I received a Starcraft II Beta key right before I started to write and I do not want to look like a complete hypocrite. I have not been playing non-stop because of some RL issues, but otherwise I would have. Strategy games have been first computer game loves with Dune 2, UFO: Enemy Unknown and, of course, the Warcraft series and Starcraft. The only reason I ever started with World of Warcraft was that I wanted to see how the story would develop (quick summary: all interesting characters from the previous game either get sidelined or go insane and get killed. Illidan even gets sidelined, goes insane and gets killed). My absolute favorite of these games was Starcraft, both for the story and the gameplay.

Starcraft II Beta turned out to be less familiar than I had expected for one simple reason: the test is for multi-player. I only got internet at my house when WoW was released, so I never really experienced RTS’s online. As such, even though I was used to play on the highest difficulty levels against the computer, I have been dealt some pretty harsh defeats. Still, I’m learning and enjoying the learning curve. It did make me appreciate how units are made available slowly from mission to mission in the single player experience, because a beginning player sees a lot of possible buildings and units to start with. Select the wrong one and you have lost. Luckily there are plenty of resources on the internet, ranging from the Beta forums to the excellent video series ‘I suck at Starcraft II’ on the Cynical Brit website. However, the most important teaching tool are replays. The game saves a replay of every game played and by studying those it is often easy to notice what went right and what went wrong.

To be honest, I am still looking forward more to the Singleplayer campaign, but multiplayer has grabbed my attention as never before. There’s much practising to do!

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