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Global Agenda: building on a solid core

Global Agenda got my attention when several PvP’ers from Champions Online announced that they would check that game out. Although shooters are not my favorite type of game, my interest in them was high because of Mass Effect 2. GA combines shooters with MMO’s. Contrary to many other recent games GA did not promise more than it could provide before launch. The result is a core game with actually working core gameplay. On top of that creator Hi Rez Studios has been actively surveying what the player base wants.


GA offers a basic game that consists of PvP and PvE maps. There will also be a subscription that allows players to craft and to participate in Conquest mode. However, till the end of March all features are free. The intend is, of course, the get people to subscribe. I cannot think of a more user-friendly way than to let people play for free and see if they like it, no strings attached.


I do not like PvE much, or perhaps I should say that I like PvP in GA so much more that all my GA time goes to PvP. There is only a limited number of maps available for the two modes, but living people as opponents keep maps fresh a lot longer than AI.

PvP consist of 10vs10 games in different scenarios from holding points to escorting exploding Robots to the opponent’s base. There’s enough variety. However, all different scenario’s are currently grouped together under a single ‘Random Scenario’ button, so you never know what will pop up. While this does ensure that players experience all scenarios, I do hope that there will be choice in the future, if only for getting better feedback to the developers; if a large percentage of the population does not like a certain map, its statistics will show Hi Rez that it should be fixed or changed. The queue is never long, which makes GA ideal for playing if you have only limited time. PvP gives good XP unless the team was really abysmal, which does happen with the occasional pick-up group.

If have not played enough Conquest yet to form a good opinion about it. My interest in it is limited though. The idea is that guilds are fighting for control over a persistent map. It’s like an RTS but with players as actual units. I can imagine that it is quite engaging for larger guilds, but as a small group and solo player I cannot viably participate in it yet.

Game elements

Four different classes may seem limited, but they have a distinct play style and true internal differentiation through talent trees, e.g. an Assault can choose to be a tank or an explosives specialist, while the Medic can be a healer or a (very) high DPS poison monster. This is another example of how Hi Rez got the core working. I have been playing Assault (tank) most, but it is pretty dependant on support from Medics. On the other hand, the Robotic can be pretty self-sufficient. Note that not much can be attained without playing as a team.

Customization is limited because every class has a unique silhouette that has to be maintained. Otherwise it would be difficult to recognize people in the fast gameplay. There are still plenty of different armors and colors to choose from though.

I have not done any crafting yet for the simple reason that blueprints for devices and materials are obtained through PvE.


Again, the core seems solid. The game runs smoothly and I can play on both European and American servers without any noticable difference between the two. This is just my experience, I would recommend to check the forums and reviews for more detailed information about performance on different systems and in different time zones.

Play: yes – Subscribe: no

This game has both impressed and entertained me so far, so I will definitely keep playing. The choice about subscribing is easy for me as well: the mode I really enjoy is free. However, there may come changes before the end of March that may change my mind. Subscription limites a character’s level to 30, but the only changes beyond 30 are only cosmetic.

I can heartily recommend this game to anyone who’s even remotely interested in it to get it now and see the subscription part for free.

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