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Getting toyed with

While the snow in real life is slowly burying everything outside, Millenium City is not covered with snow, but with presents thanks to the Toymaker. Unfortunately, the Black Harlequin replaced several of the presents with dangerous Misfit Toys. The Winter Event has come to Champions Online. It’s a true fluff event: there are no useful upgrades to be found or new permanent zones/mechanics/powers added to the game. Actually, I am glad it is a bit sparse, since I assume the developers are now focused on fixing the existing content.

Presents everywhere

Humans are collectors and easily motivated by quick success. The packages scattered all over the zones speak to both those basic instincts. One can almost always see the next the present while opening one. Most don’t contain anything beyond a piece of coal or a gingerbread cookie, but some contain action figure parts. The Toymaker in the center of Millenium City gives a quest to assemble Winter versions of the Champions. Each is split in head, torso and legs so there’s a trading game to it as well. As said above, some packages contain violent toys, but these are easily killed and can drop present loot as well. There are also temporary disguises that can turn you into a toy army man or teddy bear et cetera.

The Winter Event is not a very exciting event, but I have to admit it has already eaten a few hours of my time. It’s simple lightweight fun. Of course, pet collectors have a lot to do now.

The next present is already in sight


A giant teddy bear is summoned once every hour per instance by the Black Harlequin. Join the global clarence channel to find out where he will appear next. It’s a zerg fight for everyone. The bear takes and receives damage scaled to your level so a level 10 could be as effective as a level 40. I think this is a very good mechanic for this kind of event. If you’re not paying close attention Black Harlequin is going to be down before you’re even at his spawn (random location in MC) and the bear itself doesn’t survive much longer.

Black Harlequin summons Clarence

Everyone jumps him and turn the poor bear into a light show

A few minutes later, he's down and the hunt goes on in the next instance

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