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Lifetime style

A few days ago Lord of the Rings Online launched its second expansion: Siege of Mirkwood. I have played LOTRO since launch, but always very casually. My Lifetime subscription is probably the cause of this: because I am not paying per month, I do not feel that I have to get each month’s worth out of it. A monthly subscription would have been too expensive for the entertainment I have gotten out of it so far, but the lifetime has payed for itself by now. I was expecting to get a similar return with Champions, but the jury is still out on if that was a good decision. I do not regret it so far.

The lack of pressure in LOTRO has resulted in a lack of pressure to really level and see everything. I have not even reached level 35 on a single character yet (level 65 is the current level cap). However, my characters have many deeds completed as well as serious crafting experience. Playing at my leisure has changed my entire approach to the game. In WoW I have always felt the need to accomplish things either raiding or PvPing, so while I did spent time on alting, I always had one character at the level cap and working on endgame.

My alting in LOTRO has gone in waves. A certain ability or play style would get my interest and I would focus on that. My first decision to focus just on my Guardian was quickly gone after level 20. Burglar, Loremaster and later Champion all quickly went up to 20. Other classes got at least a try. Even with the new Skirmish system I decided to give the Runekeeper a serious test drive.

Joining yet another empty BASH has not been good for my mood, I have to admit

I had fully expected to play Champions in a similar way, but I found my drive to alt really low. The open choice for powers made it possible to create the best play style for me. While I made alt as concepts of other heroes and to check out certain play styles, the enjoyment in my main style made me focus on a single character. I flew to 40 enjoying myself more thoroughly than in a long time with an MMO. Even when I ran out of interesting PvE content, PvP kept me playing. As the PvP community started shrinking at first, I decided to play more, hoping others might do so as well to keep things going. However, the lack of power balancing (e.g. Shallowtail Cut remains overpowered) as well as the stellar Dragon Age: Origins have reduced my interest in the game.

So I am wondering now if CO is going to become a few months per year game for me like LOTRO or will there come a turnaround and is it going to suck me in like it did at first? Will I regret buying the lifetime subscription? It’s up to the devs now.

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