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Nemesis Wishlist

Nemesis vanquished...for now
Nemesis vanquished…for now

The Balrog does not care who I am and neither does Onyxia. The Lich King may be looking to corrupt players, but he’s not particularly out to get me. In Champions Online, the Nemesis is after you personally. At level 25 you get a call to go to the police station where you make a unique character which will become your personal archenemy. It uses the same character creation tool as for player characters. You also have to choose a power framework for both the Nemesis and his minions (those can be different). After you stop him/her the first time, he will be out for revenge, but while he will send his minions to ambush you at random times, those minions will also drop clues about his current plans. After a while you will defeat him and send him to jail. A new nemesis can be made at that point.

The Nemesis option makes CO a more personal experience than most MMO’s. Also, the random minion attacks add some variety to the predictability of PVE, because they can appear anywhere in the open world and they will often teleport in while you’re already fighting other enemies. Also, the Nemesis quests add much needed XP to get to 40. However, the system still needs some fleshing out. Therefore I present my top 5 wishes for Nemesis content improvement.

1. Personality

I wrote in my first Nemesis’ bio that he hated magic and I thought to cover that by making his framework Gadgeteering and giving him Soldier minions with Munitions. During our first few encounters, he empowered himself through a mystical object, he summoned zombies and he released an ancient goddess. Oops.

So I would like to see options for his motivation: power, wealth, mania etc. as well as a like/dislike for magic, technology. A honorable/dishonorable option could also be implemented. Even some small changes in his dialog would flesh out the Nemesis’ personality a lot more.

2. Nemesis Team-up

Let Nemesises from different people team-up during group content and let our own Nemesises occasionaly work together. They share a common goal after all: the complete destruction of you. If their personalities clash, I would like to see some bickering between them as well.

The Sinister Six are a group of Spider-Man villains who have teamed up against him in the past. Now every one of those would singlely give Spidey a good fight, but together they form a monstrous challenge. A Sinister Six type instance would not just be a team-up mission, but a large mission in which the player would be taxed to the limit.


Since I hit 40 I’m not spending much time in the open world anymore except while flying to UNITY mission locations. As such, I barely see my Nemesis minions anymore so I’m not getting many clues. I would like to see ambushes inside UNITY mission locations (which would also help add some spice to those much too easy missions). Also, sometimes UNITY should pick up on something my Nemesis is doing. If I’m a worldclass hero, he/she is a worldclass villain!

4. Many more storylines

This is a no-brainer: there have to be many more different storylines and these should fit the different Nemesis personalities from point 1. More storylines would also allow the introduction of the first Nemesis at an earlier point in the game, because level 25 is pretty late.

5. Nemesis Apocalypse

A world event during which all Nemesises escape and threaten the world. They would be present in the open world and be marked by player (so: Nemesis <Character’s Nemesis>).  Not only would we be able to see many of other player’s creations, but also get inspiration for new enemies ourselves.

Defender shows up to help take the Nemesis to jail.
Defender shows up to help take the Nemesis to jail.

Bonus wish

I wish we could pick the Nemesis’ travel power. I had envisioned him on a floating disk, not walking like some common mortal!

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