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Ton Anroc returns!

sidenote: I hit 40 today. Thanks to Stronghold I only ran out of quests at 39.5. I like Stronghold, but being forced to grind it constantly for XP has somewhat soured it for me a bit (for now). Luckily, Cryptic has acknowledged the XP gaps and they’re working on it.

Ton Anroc is a player vs. player scenario from Warhammer Online. It plays in an underground cavern filled with lava. Players who fall into the lava get damaged and snared. Many people who used to play during the first days of WAR still have nightmares about it. For a long time it was the only scenario that popped up during t3 (about level 20->30) and RvR lakes were empty, so anyone who wanted to level mostly through pvp had to play that. Warhammer has two factions, Order and Destruction. The former had several classes with large knockbacks. Especially the Iron Breaker’s AOE knockback with build-in root was horrible. It was pretty funny the first time to see a dwarf storming solo into a Destruction team and knocking several of them off the central mountain into the lava below, but that quickly faded.

Lava is hot

Lava is hot

UTC Lava Temple is Ton Anroc’s little brother. There is only one level, so that reduces falling damage, but there’s plenty of lava around. It does not snare, but it hurts. Also, the big rocks can be picked up and thrown for massive damage. Actually, this is fun for a high Strength character, but I see it getting old soon for everyone else. A flying character with knockbacks and pulls can have some unbalanced fun, like floating above the lava and then pulling someone towards you. Yes, I have done that to try if it was possible. I believe that environmental damage should be very limited in small arena’s without objectives. The chance to take falling damage in the High Tech arena is a player choice, but not standing next to lava in LT is as good as impossible.

Contrary to Ton Anroc, Lava Temple almost never pops, because people are playing Stronghold for XP. Actually, I have only been able to get into a game with full teams on both sides during Open Beta. I hope that the other maps will be added for level 40’s, perhaps as a join random arena selection. Nevertheless, these are just first impressions. Time will prove if they are right. If not, I have plenty of other things to do in Champions Online.

Incoming: rock

Incoming: rock

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