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Heroic Healing – beta impressions

I had no doubt that when I started playing a superhero I would want to knock enemies around and send them flying in all directions. And it is great fun. I may not be strong enough yet to knock people into orbit, but one day… During CO’s Open Beta I joined several player vs. player cage matches and playing as mainly Might was still fun. I had taken a ranged energy builder, so when I came close to someone I would often have a full energy bar to unload.

I noticed two things during those matches: some people were really squishy, while others were really difficult to damage and the lack of healers. The first issue was quickly explained: without passive defenses like Invulnerability, Personal Force Field and Regeneration, people die fast. I did not understand the second, so I made a healing character myself.

Movement powers make it a challenge to keep in range of everyone

Movement powers make it a challenge to keep in range of everyone

Where’s my heal button?

CO does not have as many healing abilities as fantasy MMO’s. I chose several Psionic abilities with the help of the excellent Champion Builder tool.

  • Empathic Healing did not impress me too much. It’s a relatively cheap channeled heal, but easily interrupted and it has a short range of only 50 feet.
  • Psionic Healing on the other hand turned out the be awesome. This charged heal had a range of 100 feet and it heals quicker than EH.

Games like WoW and Warhammer taught me that healers get focused, so I took Regeneration to keep myself alive and Teleport. Both are great on their own, but together they made me incredibly difficult to stop. If I got damaged, I could simply teleport away while regeneration restored my health. And as an added bonus: Psionic Healing can be charged while in the teleport. So the moment I would reappear, I would also be at full health again. I had hoped that Ego Blast would keep attackers away from me, but Condemn (from Supernatural) proved much more effective. It’s Hold lasts longer than EB’s and it’s AOE. I added the self-heal Resurgance later on to keep me alive during Holds. It heals so much that there is no reason for anyone not to take it. Playing as a healer made me feel so powerful that I will dedicate a future post to strategies on how to counter healers.


Healing does cost a serious amount of energy, but there was basically always someone in range of my Psi Lash energy builder. A few shots and I would be back in action. Often I would have energy to spare and I could help finish an opponent off. This made the healing game great fun for me. I have never enjoyed playing a pure healer for long, but if I can help keep pressure on the opposing team, then I’m having a blast. I do hope a friendly target will be added in the future, so you can keep both an opponent and an ally targetted, because quickly tab-targetting will often get a droid/pet instead of a player.

On a final note, travel powers are great to get away… from healers. People often do not seem to notice yet that they’re being healed and they run away when they start getting low on health. If there’s a healer on your team: check where they are, because they will be healing you and while you’re at it: keep the opponents away from them.

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