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Champions Online Open Beta

cometgirl01The Open Beta for Champions Online finally started last Monday. Like every MMO publisher before them, Cryptic grossly underestimated how many people would be trying to download and play the client. The results were slow download speeds and random disconnects. However, it only took a day before the download became stable. I really had not expected to be able to play at day #1. Personally, I have experienced a steady framerate and no lag yet.

Some random first impressions

The character creator is a true gem and almost a game in itself. However, you don’t have to spend ages in it before starting to play: you can completely change your costume after the tutorial mission by visiting a tailor (which does cost some in-game currency, though). My first costume still took a long time and even then I missed a few drop down menus. I would have liked even more options, but I guess everyone has their own personal details they want implemented. You can save the costume and it will create a savefile and a little comicbook style picture on your harddisc. So you can keep your costume even though all characters will be deleted at the end of the Open Beta.

The tutorial shows you the ropes. You get to kill ten rats, of course, but it is carefully wrapped in the setting of an alien invasion. It’s fun, not too long and by the time you have finished, you’ll be level 5 and you get your travel power. Walking is now a thing of the past. I do hope an option to skip this tutorial will be added in the future. Then it’s off to Canada (filled with ice zombies) or the Southern Desert (filled with radioactive mutants) to deal with the next crisis.

So far, I can recommend everyone to give it a try if you’re looking for a new MMO or just some variation. It’s not World of Warcraft, it’s not City of Heroes 2 (even though it is the same development team). Instead it feels like a game that’s trying to create a fun experience for the current MMO-player.

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